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All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Putney

Rooted in Faith, Growing through Learning

Zoolab workshop

‘I liked touching the big snail. It felt so smooth.’  By Azima—Y2

‘The snake was so cute and silky.’  By Yara—Y2

‘I liked looking at the tarantula. It was a bit scary though.’  By  Anayah—Y2

‘I liked holding Cornflake the snake because he was so squishy!’  By Aithan—Y2

‘I liked finding out about more animals. When the tarantula gets angry it shoots out its hairs which have venom in them.’  By Mia—Y2 

‘I was surprised that the snail's names were Ham and Cheese!’  By Esther—Y2 

‘Giggles the cockroach was very tickly.’  By Olivia—Y2

‘The snake was so soft and it was looking at me.’  By Levy—Y2 

‘I liked holding Giggles because you could turn your hand over with her on and she wouldn't fall off. Plus, Giggles makes you giggle!’ By Verity—Y2

‘It was interesting that the cockroach can survive fire and live in ice for a year. It can eat everything except for four things-metal, glass, brick and plastic.’  By Harry DB—Y2