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Congratulations to St Patrick & St Harriet for winning the Infant Sports Day, St George & St Eglantyne for winning the Junios Sports Day and St David and St Jeanne for winning the House Cup
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Hector's Blog

Hector’s Blog – April 2019

I had a visitor! You might think that tortoises are solitary reptiles, but we are really a very social bunch with even our own personality. But back to my visitor. My visitor was called Stanley Lambchop. He told me the most curios story of how he was squashed flat by a falling bulletin board. Who would ever believe such a thing! He survived and everyone started calling him Flat Stanley, which I thought made sense. You see, Flat Stanley was sent to me by a little girl from a school in Maidenhead. Her school is called All Saints’, just like ours. She sent a picture of Flat Stanley in an envelope and as soon as Flat Stanley slid from the envelope we became the best of friends. You can see how pleased I am in the photo attached.   

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Hector’s Blog – March 2019

What has been going on with the weather? I have been reinvigorated with warm blood coursing through my veins! Oh, the life of a reptile. You do all know that I am a reptile, don’t you?


I am a shelled reptile of the herbivorous kind. And I can’t swim – contrary to what my previous posts might have you believe. Well, if the weather improves the way it does, I might be the first swimming tortoise! Or would that make me a turtle? Now, I’m getting myself confused.


You will remember that I previously told you about shoes. Today I will stray onto another important topic in my life. Doors. If you ever happen upon me sauntering around the office, then you will have noticed how agile I get when the office door opens. I can smell the adventure on the other side of that door. The amount of times I have been apprehended and returned to the office only speaks of my determination. Yes, I am a persevering and determined tortoise. One day I will make it to the playground. Who know, I might even join in a game of jumping rope!


I am being shut up for the night now. But look out for me around school… Remember, determination is EVERYTHING!!!

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Hector’s Blog – February 2019


Shoes! I know all there is to know about them. As the school pet living in the office I see all sorts of shoes coming past me every day. Some shoes move slowly. Others dash past. I can hear you asking me about my favourite. Well, I’ve decided to tell you.


My favourite type of shoe is the shoe that stops. Some say “Sawubona Hector.” Sawubona is the Zulu greeting which can be translated into “I see you.” I heard the children talking about it and I was intrigued to find out more. So I did some reading (I am a school tortoise after all). Sawubona also means I see you and I have regard for you. Having regard for someone is seeing them as people who need respect and dignity; it is seeing them with humanity.


The children in assembly spoke about this very eloquently. They said we need to see the kindness, love and trust in others.


Now, I will end with saying that some shoes might need a good polish!

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Hector’s Blog – Week Beginning 17th July 2017

I may be small, I may not get out around the school as much as I would like but I am often visited by children and adults and so I know what’s happening around the school. I will be blogging each week and I do hope you can come and have a read about all the amazing learning and other experiences happening at All Saints’.


I have to apologise for not writing my blog for some time!! It’s been a bit hot to do much more than eat and snooze!


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and have lots of great adventures. I look forward to hearing all about it when you come back to school in September.


I know some of you will be going to new schools and so I won’t see all of you then, but I just want to wish you all a very, very happy holiday.


Love from Hector

Summer holidays

Summer holidays 1
Summer holidays 2
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Picture 1 My weekly bath!