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Committee Structure, Roles and Responsibilities



Board of Governors

The Board meets 5 times a year, 4 main meetings and one to approve the Budget.  Quorum is half the membership plus one. Minutes, agendas and items for pre-reading will be uploaded to our LGfL secure site, myDrive at least 7 days in advance.



Each committee will comprise up to 9 governors and if appropriate associate members will be recruited to provide specific expertise or skills.


Quorum: the quorum for each Committee meeting is 5 governors, including the headteacher.  The meeting will not take place unless the headteacher/their representative is present.


Meetings: each committee will meet at least once a term, ideally before the full Board of Governors Meeting, with other meetings arranged where needed. Sub-Committees usually meet once a year.


The Admissions Sub-Committee should comprise 4 governors , with a quorum of 3 governors, the fourth to act as reserve in case of absence, or conflict of interest, of one of the other governors.


The Pay Sub-Committee should comprise up to 5 governors with a quorum of 3 governors. One of the members (other than the HT) should also sit on the Resources Committee.


Responsibilities: all committees have the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all actions are in the best interests of the children and maintain the highest level of Safeguarding.
  • Keep their Terms of Reference under review
  • Receive and consider information or reports from stakeholders relating to any matters that fall within the Terms of Reference
  • Report to the Full Board Meeting
  • Committee Chairs (working alongside the Clerk, if appropriate) must ensure that agendas, minutes and any pre-reading is uploaded to myDrive at least 7 days in advance of any meeting
  • Consider recommendations from relevant external reviews, e.g. Audit, Ofsted, SIAMS, Local Authority or SDBE reviews; to agree the actions needed to address any issues identified and to monitor and regularly evaluate the implementation of any agreed plan, reporting or making recommendations to the Board of Governors.
  • Keep in mind the school’s Christian ethos and values and the Governors Code of Conduct
  • Consider the views of pupils when making strategic decisions that will impact on them
  • Consider the impact on equality: referencing the protected characteristics when making recommendations and when reviewing or drafting policy.
  • Ensure that the Resources Committee is apprised of the financial implications of any decisions before they are implemented.
  • To carry out any other reasonable and appropriate duties at the request of the Board of Governors.