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All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Putney

Rooted in Faith, Growing through Learning


Theological Underpinning

Each person is unique and special in the eyes of God. Jesus’ teaching challenges us to make the most of the time and energy we have and what we can do for others – what effect can we have as a person, what can our achievements be apart from the easy tokens of success such as money, power and fame? Sport and exercise can remind us of the endurance we need to see past problems and setbacks to the promise of a brighter future in Jesus. Like a marathon, the greatest achievements as a disciple can come from the greatest sacrifice and the hardest of times. In a journey of faith, Christians will go through many stages, many doubts. Paul reached a moment of revelation on the road to Damascus.


NC Programme of Study Aims

The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils: 

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities 
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time 
  • engage in competitive sports and activities 
  • lead healthy, active lives.



In accordance with National Curriculum, we provide a range of physical activities for children.

Our PE and sport takes place in our hall, the playground and Putney Common. We also use the Putney Leisure Centre for swimming, Dover House Road for weekly inter-school competitions in football, netball and cricket, organised by the Putney Primary Schools Sports Association, as well as Wandsworth facilities in regular sports tournaments organised by the Wandsworth Education Authority. We continue to achieve excellent results in inter-school sport, such as the PPSSA Cross-Country competition and the Putney and Wandsworth Swimming Galas and have been champion primary school in many tournaments.

We encourage our children to be physically active and all children participate in two hours of sport each week as part of the curriculum, taking part in exercise that involves the whole body, maintains flexibility and develops strength and endurance. Children learn various sporting skills and also specific terminology relevant to the activities undertaken and all children attend swimming lessons each year.

The children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards others, showing ‘fair play’ and awareness of safety. As well as playing a wide variety of competitive sport we also provide inter-school sports competitions that are not competitive. A wide variety of pre and after school clubs are available to all children catering for all ages, genders and abilities. We promote healthy lifestyles and our children generally are fit and achieve above expectation in sport.

government’s Sport Premium Funding program has enabled us to offer extra before and after school clubs, offering a range of sports. The funding also allows us to provide coaching support to teachers, through a program of team teaching and observed lessons and feedback.

Parents are welcome and frequently assist and support All Saints’ sports provision.

Long Term Planning and Skills Progression