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All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Putney

Rooted in Faith, Growing through Learning


On Wednesday 18th October, Y6 went on their second Faith Trail in the local area; this time to Wimbledon Parkside. We visited St Paul's Church and the Buddhapadipa Temple. Unfortunately, we could not visit the synagogue but we are remembering in our thoughts or prayers all those affected by the troubles in the

Middle East.

Here are some of our comments about the visits:

‘The Buddhist Temple had a lot of interesting  pictures of Buddha and the monks told us the meanings behind the paintings. The Faith Trail is a fun way to learn about different religions.’ - Dior

‘I enjoyed hearing the stories about the Buddha and looking at the different monuments in the Temple. On the Faith Trail, you get to learn different stories about different worship.’ - Tahlia

‘The Temple had a beautiful exterior as well as a lovely painting of the Buddha's timeline inside.’ - Jaian

‘St Paul's Church was really big compared to All Saints'. The people there were very kind and we got to meet Reverend Susan's cute dog, Hazel.’ -  Georgia

‘The church was interesting as it fascinated me how

detailed the carved gold figures were (you can see a little of them in the photo).’ - Matthew

‘I liked the windows in the church, as they told stories. They gave us a card with Norman's painting of the church on it.’ - Vinnie