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All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Putney

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On Wednesday the 7th Y6 went to the Twickenham Beekeepers Apiary and then we split into two groups.  The first group went out to see the bees and hives and the second group stayed inside. In the second group we learnt about how bees pollinate plants. They land on the plant, feed on the nectar and then subsequently rub on the stamen catching the pollen on their sticky legs; then when they visit the next plant the pollen comes off onto the stigma fertilising it. Did you know that females are the worker bees and the males are called the drones? To make a queen bee, the workers feed the female larvae royal jelly which is made from pollen and a secretion from their heads.  In the first group, they got to see the honeycomb, the queen bee and they also got to hold the male drones.   The queen bee had a tiny dot on her so we would know where she would be.  It was a great trip - one of the best we’ve ever been on! The male drones were very cute and lots of us overcame our fears!  By Xanthe, Lyra & Emily—Y6


We also had the chance for a photo-op at a famous place—do you recognise it??