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Y6 trip to the Houses of Parliament

On Monday 30th January, as part of their learning on Democracy &  Citizenship, Year 6 were very lucky to have a tour and a workshop at the Houses of Parliament.

Here are some amazing facts that they learnt!

Did you know:

- the King comes to the Houses of Parliament once a year, to the House of Lords to give a speech? (Albert)

- King Henry VIII used to live in the Palace of Westminster and played  tennis in Westminster Hall? (Elim)

- Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister? (Belle)

- only if you are elected to be an MP or a Lord are you allowed to sit in that chamber? (Karim)

- there are 650 MPs? (Ahmed)

- there are hanging microphones in both chambers? (Edward)

- there are 339 steps in the Elizabeth Tower? (Cameron)

- the Lords' seats are red and the Commons' seats are green? (Archie)

Year 6 would also like to say:

I loved all the statues and was looking at them carefully. It was my favourite workshop! (Maddi C)

I enjoyed the debate about when we voted if things were Fair or Unfair. I liked watching the video about the suffragettes. (Maddie W)

I learned how I can vote, when and if I can sit in Parliament when I am older. I loved being in the House of Lords and seeing all the gold. (Amelie)

​Fleur Anderson (our MP for Putney) came to chat to us and told us about a suffragette that hid in a cupboard in the Westminster Hall during the Census. (Xanthe)

When I'm older, I want to be a Member of Parliament! (Kimora)