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Y5 & Y6 visit Kew Gardens

This week Y5 and Y6 went on a trip to Kew Gardens. We went to learn about the rainforest as it is our topic this term. We walked around the gardens and visited different places, such as: Kew Palace, The Ice House and the Bee Hive (We all did a waggle dance pretending to be bees).  We then had a fun workshop where we learnt about the different plants and trees that you could find in the rainforest. This includes different types of bananas, sugar cane,   cocoa beans and even the stinky foot plant! 

We then learnt about how the rainforest and its plants impact our everyday lives. This includes seeing what products in our supermarkets come from the rainforest as well as playing with different spices, foods, musical instruments and artefacts. We both had a really fun time, despite the rain and the large amount of walking. We learnt a lot!  By Edward & Amelie—Y5


On Tuesday the 1st of March, Y5 and Y6 went to Kew Gardens; in this picture some Y6 students are learning about and tasting spices. We also learnt about what things are grown in the rainforests and how you can survive. There were so many things we discovered on this trip and we would definitely recommend it to any people that are looking for places to go.   By Cooper—Y6