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All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Putney

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On Tuesday, Year 4 went to the Victoria and Albert museum for a workshop called 'Pattern, Shape and Me' which was based mainly in the Islamic Middle East galleries. The workshop linked RE (Islam) and how mathematical knowledge is helpful for design. In the learning centre and galleries we spotted and explored animals, symbols, signs, shapes and symmetry and then designed a tile to represent ourselves using our favourite colours and repeated or tessellated patterns. We then reflected our tile in two mirrors to make a tile panel. In the afternoon we took our sketch books to the galleries to sketch our favourite designs.

'It was really cool to see how when you bunch up (repeat) a pattern it can look really pretty.' - Jemima

'I loved the part when we made our own tiles and seeing them reflected in the two mirrors to make a tile panel.' - Wilf

'I loved the details and patterns that we saw in the museum.' - Kamran

'Jenny showed us the ceramic panels and how four tiles put together make a picture when each corner matches up. It was fun to design our own panels.' - Annie