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Y3 trip to Fulham Palace

Yesterday was so much fun because we went on a school trip to Fulham Palace . First we went outside for the bus . we went in the bus and after a little while we arrived at   Fulham Palace, it was beautiful. After the tour of Fulham Palace, we went to the Education Centre, it was super fun!  Then we held very old objects like a cow's bone and a brick from an old roof. After that we had a box of objects. Some of them were fake. some of them looked real. We went round in a circle to touch, guess and think what the objects were. Then we dressed up as     Romans, me and my group were Roman soldiers! After we had scripts and performed our roles.  Finally we ate lunch, it was delicious. After lunch we played in the field for a little bit. It was quite fun! The we played in Bishops Park. We played on the climbing frame, slide and the basket swing.  We then went in the Fulham Flower Garden. We journeyed through the    flowers and plants we got handed out pieces of card and    copied the flowers.  By Luca—Y3