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Y3 trip to Fulham Palace

Year 3 went to Fulham Palace and discovered lots of new things about the Romans. Did you know in Roman times that Fulham was in the countryside? Fulham Palace itself was originally a Roman villa. We looked at different artefacts and tried to decide what they were. We even saw a dog footprint from 208AD. We looked at different rooms in a Roman villa including a new word we didn't know: a lararium (a shrine)! We then got to dress up as different Roman characters and create a short play to show everyone. We then had a visit around the museum and learned so many facts about Fulham Palace itself - including that Queen Elizabeth I had dinner in the Great Hall!


I liked when we performed - we got to dress up as different characters and make a short play to show everyone - Eliza


I loved looking at the blueprint of the Roman House - Skye


It was interesting to see the different patterns on the artefacts we looked at and use our detective skills - Tanvi


It was amazing to see the skeleton of a dog in the museum that was found on a previous All Saints' trip in 2017! Sapphire


I learned that Fulham Palace was a place where Bishops used to live - William S