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All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Putney

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Y2 visit Buddhapadipa Temple

On Wednesday Year 2 took the 93 bus from the top of Putney High street to the Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon.

When we arrived we had our packed lunches on the grass outside the temple. When it was time to go    inside we had to take off our shoes and leave them on a shelf outside. A monk called Phramaha gave us a tour of the temple and told us about the life of the Buddha, explained some of the symbolism and what it’s like to live in at the monastery. We then did a short meditation session with a singing bowl and we learnt how Buddhists pray. The children asked some insightful questions; we found out that there are ten Buddhist temples in London, we learnt that the roof is made of wood and we learnt how to say thank you in Thai. Phramaha also told us some of the stories that are illustrated on the temple walls. Thank you very much to the kind parent volunteers who made the trip     possible.

‘I liked going inside because it was so quiet, peaceful and you could be relaxed.’ - Yara

‘I liked all the big Buddhas. They were gold and black.’ - Henry Wat

‘I liked the paintings especially the pictures of the lotus flower.’ -  Katie

‘I liked the smell of the incense.’ - Henry Wal

‘I liked that paintings covered all the walls.’ - Lily​