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Visit from Fleur Anderson MP

On Monday 14th November, Fleur Anderson came to our school to talk with us, at the start of Anti-bullying Week and Parliament Week. First, she had a whole school assembly in the hall and talked about how she represents Putney, Southfields and Roehampton. She supports        Labour and she wants the world to have electric cars. The last time she came to our school, she was speaking about wet wipes in the River Thames and still today, she was talking about wet wipes. After assembly, she came to Year 6 to answer more questions.   By Edward

Fleur Anderson is in the Labour Party, which is part of Parliament. She is the MP for Putney, Southfields and Roehampton. She went to Ukraine a few weeks ago, to see ordinary people and meet President Zellensky.  When she was a child, she wanted to be a Newsround newsreader. Fleur Anderson's other jobs were with Water Aid and Christian Aid. She got rid of her car         because she thought she was polluting the environment and she didn't want to pay the charge for all the diesel.  By Lyra

Today, the lovely Fleur Anderson came to talk to us, who, if you didn't know, is our local MP for Putney, Southfields and Roehampton. She was telling us all the reasons why she  is changing our world and how. She does this by debates. She told us that there are tiny bits of plastic inside wipes and she wants to get rid of them to save the environment.  By Bella

Fleur Anderson studied Politics at university, meaning to become a newsreader. She was always insisting that people campaign and they said, "Why don't you do that?"; so she joined the     Council. After that, she wanted to take the next jump, to MP. Fleur said that she would want to be Prime Minister though it would be really hard work.   By Lizzy

Today, we had a private enquiry talk with our local MP, Fleur Anderson. Some of the things that she is campaigning for are: plastic-free wet wipes, the opening of Hammersmith Bridge and the refusal of an 80,000 seater Wimbledon Tennis Court. One thing that is more local, is step-free access at East Putney Station. Though the idea is continuously in denial, she continues to      support it.  I brought up the dilemma of the cost of living crisis and asked what they are trying to do. She said the following: warm hubs, more emergency services, helping food banks for others, more green energy, wind turbines, insulation and solar panels.  By Isabella

When Fleur Anderson came to visit us, we got to ask her questions on her job. She is a very    interesting person and I enjoyed the workshop. I asked her some of my questions and was       curious to find out what she said. She says she loves being an MP because she wants to help other people, not just all the things that she wants. Fleur joined the members of Parliament to help women be more   confident with themselves.  I can't wait til our visit to the Houses of       Parliament! I am inspired to be a good person and to send Fleur a letter and make a change to the world.  By Amelie

As always, I was extremely proud of the insightful questions and critical thinking that Y6          displayed on Monday. My heart is full of hope for the world, with these young people taking over the world! Ms Sharp