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All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Putney

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The Code Show

The Code Show was really fun. I loved how we could play all the different old games - my favourite was Minecraft. Luca and I liked the variety of games that I had never seen before - quite   different to modern day. By Kiki—Y4


I typed on the typewriter but it was quite tricky, having to hit the keys hard and roll the paper. My mum played lots of games when she came in and she said it reminded her of her childhood! By Julianne  - Y5


Gary told us all about the old computers - the old computer games were actually more fun than some of the modern ones! My dad talked to Gary telling him about the different computers he had had when he was younger.  By Albert—Y5


It was really interesting how he brought along lots of old computers and that we got to use them as well! By Sophia—Y3.  My mum came up to the museum, she had lots of fun! My favourite was the green computer where I found Minecraft made in 2009. By Toby—Y3


It was really fun, discovering computers from the olden days. By Eliza—Y2.


It was great fun because I got to play Minecraft, Sonic and the FIFA game. By Thierry—Y2


I liked looking at the old computers. By Arabella– Reception


I played the ninja game on the old computer. It was easy. By Bertie—Reception


I brought my dad up to the museum because I had had lots of fun. I liked playing the old game like a maze thing By Wilf—Y1. 


I liked playing the Minecraft on the green computer because you could build lots of stuff. I would like to ride in Gary’s electric car to my granny and grandpa’s. By Yara—Y1


It was good because Gary showed how the computer world has developed over the years. It was interesting to see how young children our age were making computer games that are still popular today. The old games were more pixelated but today’s games are more realistic, like the old FIFA game. We would have liked a go in the electric car! By Oliver, William, Charlie & Cooper—Y6


I really loved seeing the old typewriter like the one I learned to type on - it took me down memory lane! By Mrs Alcolea