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Reception visit Kew Gardens

On Wednesday we visited Kew Gardens with Nursery. We were very excited to travel on the coach and we particularly enjoyed that Reception got to sit at the top! We had a great view of lots of landmarks on our journey.

While we were at Kew we visited The Hive, had an educational session with two Kew Gardens teachers about Growing and visited the Children's Gardens. We also got to have our lunch inside a giant teepee tent. The weather was very rainy all day but we didn't mind! In the children's garden there are 4 metal slides which we really enjoyed and the rain made us travel down them even faster! We were all very sensible and we were so lucky to have lots of extra adults helping us. Thank you very much to all the parent helpers who helped to keep us safe on our trip!

Here are some things we have learnt and enjoyed from our trip:

"Acorns make Oak trees." - Joshua

"Pine cones are seeds." - Cordelia

"If you pick a flower out it will stop growing forever." - Arthur

"We saw a squirrel who wanted hundreds of acorns!" - Finn

"The roots are under the flower." - Chimdike

"Roots suck up water and keep the plant straight." - Arabella

"Nutrients can also be turned into air by the plants and tree's leaves." - Bertie

"Trees are big plants." - Hugo

"I liked all the flowers because they were so beautiful." - Wanda