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All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Putney

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On Friday both Nursery and Reception went to see the performance of Grandad, Me and Teddy Too. We were very excited to go to the theatre by coach and we had the best time ever. Once in the theatre we were immersed into a wintry world of imagination with magic carpet rides, journeys to the northern lights and a twinkly, snowy garden. Our teachers were very impressed and proud with the way we behaved.


‘My favourite part of the theatre trip was the coach and the plane. All of it!’ Henry—R


‘My favourite part of the theatre was when the girl and the teddy and the grandad were having tea.’  Emmilie—R


‘My favourite part of the theatre was when the aeroplane was spinning round and round and I liked how they made the noise.’ William—R


‘l like when they called their Grandad because it was really cool when they went out the door.’  Kiion—R


‘I love the aeroplane.’ Szymon—R


‘It was about Grandpa and the little girl having tea. They talked to each other and they had a party. They had a magic carpet and it went to the North Pole.’ Harvey—R