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On Wednesday both Nursery and Reception classes went to Bocketts Farm for a lovely day out. When on the farm we were lucky to be treated with a tractor ride, petting small animals, pig’s race and feeding the sheep and the cows. Later we had time to go on the playground to have even more fun. We were all very tired by the end, but we will go and do it all again if we could! So much fun!

‘I like feeding cows and the pig race - it was too funny for me!’ - Ariah

‘I loved being on the tractor ride, because it was so bouncy. I like seeing the animals, the bunnies were so little.’ - Dylan

‘I gave the sheep some food and it took it from my hand, it was tickly. I loved the cows and the pig race.’ - GG

‘I loved going on the big green slide. I liked the cows and the pig race. I liked the tractor it made me go jump!’ - Dolly

On Wednesday we went to Bocketts farm with Nursery. We went on the coach, it was good because we could play games on the way. When we arrived we looked at some animals in the big barn; pigs, sheep, goats, alpacas and donkeys. We were allowed to feed some of them and we needed to make sure we had a flat hand so they didn't accidentally bite us. Feeding them was really good! Then we saw a big bird, we all had to say "Sing Donald Sing!" and then he sang us a song! The tractor ride was so cool. It was so bumpy because of the big stones on the ground.   We ate lunch then we watched a pig race. The yellow pig won and we loved the race! We listened to the farmer telling us about pigs and we learnt that they are very clean animals, they have a 'wallow' to lay in to cool down and they have 44 teeth!  We visited the small animals and we were allowed to stroke them. We stroked them carefully with one finger. They were soft and they were sweet and they were ticklish! Lots of us liked the rat and the rabbit the best. Before we left, we went to the playgrounds and did lots of climbing and sliding together. We also got to play on a tractor. We got on the coach back to school and most of us had a little sleep on the way back - we had used up a lot of energy exploring the farm!  We had a great day and learnt lots about animals and jobs on the farm. Thank you to Olly's mum, Edward's Dad, Finn's mum and Wanda's mum for helping us on our trip! 

By Arabella, Olly, Maya A, Henry & Sophia—Reception