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On Monday, KS2 were treated to a fantastic workshop called Voulez-vous! The actors did not speak a word of English during the workshop but our children were not daunted at all! Have a read of their comments about this wonderful immersive experience below:


‘Even though it was in a different language, everyone still knew what they were saying. It will help when you have to pronounce words. I most enjoyed the quiz!’  By Archie—Y6


‘I'm not good at French so I learnt a lot. I learnt how to say croissant and that le fromage means cheese. The best bit was where Tom dressed up as the lady coming into the bakery and Henri dressed up as the cheesemonger and then pretended to sell the cheese or the croissant.​‘  By Maddi C—Y6


‘I learnt some things about French History. I was the king and had my head chopped off in the French Revolution. The King was bad and did not give the people food so they decided to kill him and the Queen.’  By Ahmed—Y6


‘It was good because they were talking in French and we could understand them! They showed us actions and repeated things - cocorico!’  By Kene—Y5

‘It was really fun because it was funny and they only spoke French. I was worried that I wouldn't understand them but I understood everything they said!​‘  By Dior—Y5


‘It was fun because I enjoyed the activities. The quiz was funny and my brother got his head chopped off!’  By Zainab—Y5


‘I was hearing new words and I learnt words like la fromagerie, and how to say North, South, East and West in French. It will help our French learning. I enjoyed everything because it was funny and it made me laugh.’  By Star—Y4


‘The show linked to our French lessons because it was about speaking French and food in French. I learnt how to say bakery and cheese in French - it might help me to order cheese and bread in a shop. It also helped my Geography.’  By Leo—Y4


‘I learnt how to understand French by watching actions. The part I most enjoyed was when we were holding up a bakery sign and Tom dressed up as a lady who was buying bread.’  By Mattia—Y4


‘It was really funny because everyone was clapping. Me and Cameron go to hold up the cheese sign. My favourite part was when they were racing to get the bits of the country in the quiz.’  By William—Y3


‘The two people were dressing up. One was pretending to be a lady and the other man was handing out cheese. I didn't understand it all but it did make me laugh!’  By Kitty—Y3


‘I liked the show because it was really funny. I laughed when Tom dressed up as a woman when he went to buy croissants. I know that they said my name in a funny way.’  By Catalaya—Y3


‘In the French workshop , we made a gameshow on television. Caleb was the director of the show, There was also a special guests, he was the cockerel called Jack and Georgie was his bodyguard . My favourite part was when Henry and Tom pretended to be in a Fromagerie (Cheeseshop). Henry went crazy about the cheese and it was so funny’  


‘I learnt that cheese means fromage in French and I learnt how to write North, South,West, East in French -nord, sud, est and ouest.’ By Luca—Y4