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All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Putney

Rooted in Faith, Growing through Learning

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Head Teacher - Ms Claire Wood

Deputy Head Teacher - Mr Marinus Reynolds-Viljoen

Inclusion Manager - Mrs Catherine Williams


Teaching Staff:

Nursery - Ms Pat Dickens

Reception  - Miss Rebecca Lake

Year 1 - Miss Olivia Ingleby

Year 2 - Miss Louise Pitteway

Year 3 - Mrs Rose Sutton and Ms Helen Wragg

Year 4 - Mr Marinus Reynolds-Viljoen

Year 5 - Mr Stephen Russell

Year 6 - Ms Janet Sharp

Music/Curriculum Support - Mr Patrick Gardner


Support Staff:

Bursar - Mrs June Heard

Admin Officer - Mrs Lisa Stone

Premises Manager - Mr David Harris


Classroom Support Assistants:          

Nursery - Mr Rachid Ikhlef

Reception - Mrs Milena Grantcharova

Year 1 - Mrs Lalla Lattuneddu

Year 2 - Mrs Elena Ricks & Miss Arantzazu Palau

Year 3 - Mrs Gill Goodwin, Mrs Philly Mathew, Mrs Kamila Muzio & Miss Noelia Garcia

Year 4 - Mrs Karry Hatley-Smith, Mrs Dianna Kabbani-Hamdan & Mrs Sarah Mellor

Year 5 - Mrs Francesca Overy-Brewer

Year 6 - Mrs Colleen McGrath


Senior Meals Supervisor:

Mrs Colleen McGrath


Lunchtime Supervisory Staff:      

Mrs Karry Hatley-Smith & Mrs Kamila Muzio

Mrs Elena Ricks & Miss Noelia Garcia

Mrs Philly Mathew & Mrs Gill Goodwin,

Mrs Sarah Mellor & Mrs June Heard,

Mrs Lisa Stone & Mrs Francesca Overy-Brewer

Mrs Milena Grantcharova & Miss Arantzazu Palau

Mrs Lalla Lattuneddu, Mr Rachid Ikhlef

Mrs Dianna Kabbani-Hamdan