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Update 15th June

Hi Y5,

For this week I've included  information on the history of the Thames.

I hope you are finding our topics interesting.

One way of making it more interesting may be to turn it into one of theses 

Project, Poster, Power Point, Painting, Poem 

Respond to the topic in any way that grabs you and use your own ideas to make it unique.

Use another P that can help you:...... Parents. They have been a long time on the Planet and

Possibly/Probably will have interesting ideas.

I will be interested to see what you come up with.


Not long until you are year six so.... stay confident.

and all the best always.

Mr. Stephen Russell


Paintings of the Thames: there are some fantastic paintings by GREAT artists of the Thames see

​images on Google. ( I wish I had been asked to do that when I was your age)



Dear Y5 Parents / Carers,
Year ​5 Daily Mathematics Lessons
 Here is the link for the White Rose Maths:
This is the planning from White Rose Maths for this week, Summer week 8 starting on the 15th June.
To get the lessons properly  you will have to find it on the internet. If you are behind don't worry.
Simply try to ensure the children are understanding the lessons. 
Let me know if there is a problem and we will can go over any gaps in future.
Keep inspiring the children and keep up the good work.
Steve Russell​​​



Hi Y5,​

Anti-racism is an important topic that we need to address so we are going to explore the poetry

of Benjamin Zephaniah

​Benjamin Zephaniah writes poetry and speaks out against injustices.

Enclosed is some information about him and what he believes

There is a video called You Dream and other videos where he recites his poems.

Your parents may wish to go through the poems with you. 

His poetry will be part of our anti-racism topic this term. But this download should help you 

Read it but you don't have to do the comprehension but it should help you to

think about and be ready to talk about racism and injustices.

Enjoy the good weather


Mr S.R.