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Farm to Fork

On Thursday some people from Parson’s nose talked about free range and how to stay healthy. We played a few games. I got a   little book with questions and stuff like that. There was a man called Simon who gave us a scrambled egg demonstration. At the end of the day we got a bag with some eggs and other stuff. I had a lot of fun at it. Simon told us that we eat 12 million eggs every year.  By Paige—Y2

On Thursday a butcher from Parson’s Nose came to school. He talked about free range eggs and how hens and chickens should be treated. He also showed us how to make scrambled eggs. After a scientist came to talk about healthy and unhealthy food and how bad they are and the    butcher said a joke who came first the chicken or the egg? But the answer was the egg because the chicken hatched out of the egg! Also he spoke about how chickens feel. I felt happy because now I know what to eat.   By Freddie—Y2